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Divorce is often a painful and difficult process, even if you know in your heart that you are doing the right thing by dissolving the marriage. When you are getting divorced from your spouse, it is always best to have an attorney to represent you and ensure that the divorce agreement protects your best interests. The Law Office of Stephen Doty delivers efficient, affordable legal representation for family matters including divorce. Learn more about how Attorney Stephen Doty can advocate for your needs during the divorce process.

Practice Area

The Law Office of Stephen Doty maintains a Jacksonville, Florida law office and welcomes new clients from the surrounding counties of Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns. With more than eight years of family law experience, The Law Office of Stephen Doty is committed to seeking divorce agreements that protect the best interests of children. Attorney Doty can settle even complex divorce cases with ease, bringing the separation and divorce process to a swift resolution to minimize your pain.

Why You Need a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer

Divorce brings up many marital issues, whether you are simply trying to divide your assets or you need to iron out a child custody agreement. The long drawn-out process often creates disharmony and strife, especially if you and your spouse were not in mutual agreement regarding the divorce.

To protect your interests, your assets, and your children, it is vital to have a divorce attorney. The attorneys at The Law Office of Stephen Doty can talk you through any issues associated with divorce, make sure that your needs are met by the divorce agreement, and help you process the emotions that arise during divorce.

If relationships become so rocky that you and your spouse can no longer amicably agree, your attorney can negotiate on your behalf. Your attorney can work with your spouse’s attorney to develop a fair divorce agreement, reduce the strife of dealing with your spouse, and reduce your tension around the divorce.

The Law Office of Stephen Doty is your ally from the filing of divorce papers to the final divorce decree. Even after, we are here for your needs if you desire to renegotiate child support or alimony arrangements. Learn more about how we can help you by calling the firm at 904-416-8328 to schedule your free new client consultation.