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Excellent exprience

From start to finish, Mr Doty handled everything. All I had to do was show up when he requested. I would highly recommend Mr Doty.

Posted by CR

Above & Beyond

As the title above says, Mr. Doty has gone above and beyond helping us through an extremely difficult time. He’s very knowledgeable, professional and easy to communicate with. Without question, I’d recommend his services to anyone in need of them.

Posted by Michael

Awesome Attorney Doty

My attorney assigned to my bankruptcy case was patient with me, as I was not confident with the knowledge needed to pursue this on my own. He was courteous with my lack of cooperation, as I had to travel out of town to get necessary documents, due to theft of documents already obtained earlier for this case. Excellency appropriately describes Attorney Doty. He’s handsome!

Posted by Barbara Ann Pryor-Hicks

Superior Legal Representation

Mr. Doty, did N excellent job representing me through my Bankruptcy. He was very informative about what to expect and how to proceed. He always kept me updated and informed me if any changes occured. Excellent attorney.

Posted by Vicki

Great lawyer!

Stephen helped me a lot with my case, his work ethic and passion for my case helped me to feel valued and better about my case. Highly recommend!

Posted by Haley

Fantastic and Fair Lawyer.

I’ve employed Mr.Doty twice now. Once for myself and my ex, once for my husband’s ex. Both were long drawn out runs. Me.Doty was always very up front with the “reality” of what could or could not happen. He was also very honest when it came to what should happen vs. what was actually wanted. I’ve sent several of my friends tho him that have needed a lawyer!

Posted by Charlena

Dedicated To Succeed.

After the death of my husband i retained Mr.Doty for chapter 13, he has always kept me informed. Returned my calls emails and and appointments to make sure of. My success and i keep my home .I have learned a great deal from Mr.Doty and appreciate his guidance.

Posted by Barbara

Great Service!

This guy did everything he said he would…
I was impressed that he did not tell me everything I wanted to hear but he told me what I needed to hear…I almost hired someone else but there’s something about his honesty…

Posted by John Kennedy


Stephen Doty is an excellent attorney he has helped me through situations that I thought I couldn’t get out of. He has been a true blessing into my life. Couldn’t ask for a better attorney then Stephen Doty.

Posted by Norma DeGarmo

Professional and caring

Mr. Doty is not just a great lawyer who conducts himself in a professional manor, but he is the type of individual who puts thought and care into the cases that he represents. He treats his clients as if they are people and when going through a divorce or child custody case the courts do a great job of proving that they are nothing but a business and the only thing that they care about is the money. The same cannot be said about Stephen. He is a different breed of lawyer; he is the kind that I like and I have come to have much dismay for lawyers since the beginning of my case. His concerns are genuine and he will work for you because he has a true compassion for his clients and a passion to do the right thing. I never thought once during my case that I didn’t hire the right person.

Posted by Michael

The man you want in your corner

Mr. Doty was outstanding throughout my process. He was quick to respond to any questions or concerns and was with me every step of the way. I highly recommend.

Posted by Alexander

Affordable, Knowledgeable, and Overall Great Guy

Steven handled my divorce case which dragged a little more than I would have liked (largely b/c of the opposing party and their legal counsel) but did result in a fairly decent settlement between my former spouse and I. He is an overall great guy with a heart for helping people. I never got the feeling that I was simply a dollar amount per hour with him and especially appreciated the fact that he had a fast response time to my inquiries/concerns and that listened to me rather than talk over me. I interviewed several attorneys and it isn’t everyday you come in contact with an attorney who seems to care about you as a person but that is what I found in Steven Doty. His rates were reasonable, he was knowledgeable, and was always there when I needed him.

Posted by anonymous

Very Compassionate

I retained Mr. Doty for my divorce case. It was a very highly contested case with a lot on the line. He handled my divorce with attentiveness and compassion. I am very pleased with the end results. I will definitely retain him again in the future if I ever need an attorney.

Posted by Ann