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Stephen Doty, Jacksonville, Florida Attorney

Welcome to the Law Office of Stephen Doty, a Florida divorce, custody, and bankruptcy firm. During times of personal crisis, such as when declaring bankruptcy chapter 7 or 13 or filing for divorce, you need an attorney who understands the legal process facing you. Attorney Stephen Doty has more than eight years of experience guiding clients through difficult life transitions like these. Learn how the Law Office of Stephen Doty can assist you with financial and family law matters.

Practice Areas

Attorney Stephen Doty represents clients in Clay County, Nassau County, Jacksonville, Duval County, and St. Johns County. The firm welcomes anyone in need of legal services for divorce, custody, or bankruptcy chapter 7 or 13 .

The Law Office of Stephen Doty routinely appears in federal bankruptcy court to advocate on behalf of the honest yet unfortunate debtor who is seeking relief from debts. From filing for bankruptcy chapter 7 or 13 to developing bankruptcy repayment plans, Attorney Stephen Doty can explain the process and legal ramifications to increase your comfort level. We believe that the right lawyer can make the bankruptcy process easier and less overwhelming for individuals.

In family law matters, Attorney Stephen Doty is skilled at navigating complex cases, such as high-worth asset cases or difficult child custody cases. By acting in the best interests of minor children and negotiating to protect the best interests of the firm’s client, The Law Office of Stephen Doty can help resolve divorce and custody cases quickly so that all parties can move on.

About Attorney Stephen Doty

Attorney Stephen Doty brings compassion, attention, and the utmost care to bankruptcy and family law matters, counseling patients while working toward a swift legal resolution.

The Attorney has been a member in good standing of the Florida Bar since 2007 and holds a J.D. from the Florida Coastal School of Law. Before establishing The Law Office of Stephen Doty, the attorney worked at Christian Smith and Associates and the Law Offices of Daniel Consuegra. When not practicing law, Attorney Stephen Doty gives back to his community through work as the Treasurer/Secretary of the Florida PTA and Chairman/President of Wolfson SAC.

During times of personal crisis it can be especially helpful to have a hard-working, dedicated attorney to represent you. Learn more about Attorney Stephen Doty’s experience, legal services, and background by scheduling a free new client consultation. Call 904-416-8328 to schedule your consultation today.